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Office Safety Procedures

For the safety of all visitors to the office, we have implemented the following office procedures.

Safety Updates: 

  • All practitioners and visitors to office will wear mask. 

  • Office will adhere to cleaning / disinfection policies, as recommended by the CDC

  • Practitioners will self-screen at the beginning of each work day

  • All scheduled clients will receive a screening upon arrival.

  • Social distancing: Appointments are staggered to prevent congestion in common areas

For Your Appointment, please:  

  • Arrive on time.  Appointments are scheduled to prevent congestion in common areas of office.  If you are early, please wait in car until your appointment before entering.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, you can choose to reschedule or reduce treatment time. 

  • Come alone.  If you require the assistance of a companion inside the office, he/she will be screened and asked to wait in waiting room during your treatment.

  • Wear a mask.  Please put on mask before entering office, covering mouth and nose.  It should be worn at all times.  A mask will be provided if you do not have one.  Please, no bandanas, neck gators or masks with one-way valves. 


Prior to your appointment, please do a quick pre-screening.

When you arrive to the office, we will check your temperature.  This is to reduce any chances of any transmission of a communicable disease to our office.  


You will be asked to use hand-sanitizer upon arrival.  Hand-sanitizers are available throughout the office.

Toilet Use

Please use toilet before coming into office.  Office toilet is for urgent use only. 

Payment Options

  1. For contactless payment:  You may call ahead with credit card info to pay and/or to keep on file.

  2. By Check:  Please pre-write check before arrival.  For acupuncture, please make payable to Kinderhook Healing Arts

  3. By Cash:  Please bring exact amount.  Any overpayment can be used as credit towards next visit.

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