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NYS Licensed Acupuncturist

Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM)

Prior to moving to Columbia County, Evelyn built a thriving acupuncture practice in New York City, where she enjoyed working with patients from all walks of life and from all over the globe - ranging from local Broadway show performers to visiting tourists from Ireland.

She shares her great admiration of Chinese medicine by taking the time to educate her patients about the acupuncture care they receive and encouraging them to take control of their own health.

While in NYC, Evelyn took a special interest in working with patients dealing with fertility issues.  She enjoyed a successful track record helping women who are trying to conceive naturally, as well as those who were undergoing assisted reproductive technologies such as IUI and IVF; and providing care throughout various stages of pregnancy, as well as preparing them for labor.

Evelyn served as an Acupuncture Fellow at a major downtown hospital in New York City as a member of an integrated healthcare team, providing care in the hospital's physical rehabilitation, geriatric, and oncology units. She treated patients with post-stroke paralysis, chemotherapy-related nausea, dementia and other conditions, providing symptom management and improving patient quality of life.

In her current practice, she works with patients on variety of medical conditions including, but not limited to, musculoskeletal and neurological pains, emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and digestive imbalances.  


Evelyn is grateful to her patients for allowing her to be a part of their journey towards health and well being; and humbled to practice a medical tradition so rich in history that keeps her connected to her cultural roots.  

Evelyn  holds a Masters degree in Acupuncture from The New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and graduated magna cum laude with Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Barnard College.

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